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Third three-star restaurant for Belgium

25 January 2005

BRUSSELS – Belgium now has three restaurants that have been awarded the prestigious three stars by the Michelin guide.

The third eaterie to join the exclusive three star club is the Hof van Cleve, owned by Peter Goossens and found in Kruishoutem, between Ghent and Courtrai.

It joins the well-known Comme Chez Soi in Brussels, the first Belgian restaurant to gain the award, and the Karmeliet in Bruges.

The announcement has also been a personal triumph for Peter Goossens himself, now one of the youngest Belgian chefs to receive the honour.

Goossens went to the hotel school Ter Duynen in Coxyde and then started working in Paris before moving to Thoissey in the Dombes.

It was only in 1992 that he moved to Kruishoutem to start up his own restaurant.

According to the restaurant critics, Goossens’ interior decoration matches his cooking in its mixture of rustic simplicity and attention to detail.

The beautiful works of contemporary art decorate the dining room include a selection from the famous collector Emiel Veranneman.

And the prices reflect the exquisite nature of the dishes.

A four course dinner of fresh dishes will set you back by EUR 110, and a five course version by EUR 125.

A bottle of wine from the restaurant’s fine selection to accompany your selection would cost between EUR 150 and EUR 175.

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