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The potential terrorists are at home

Published on 19/02/2015

The three day conference is looking at different approaches to stopping extremism.

The conference takes place amid mounting international concern for the rise of the terrorist group IS in the Middle East.

Mr Bonte on Tuesday attended six hours of debates.

The Vilvoorde Mayor received a lot of support for his work at home. No fewer than 28 jihadi fighters have left Vilvoorde, a town of 42,000 souls, to fight in Syria and the Levant.

In Washington Mr Bonte also picked up a thing or two.

The burgomaster told VRT News: “Everybody is searching. They are looking at Europe and at Belgium in connection with methods of stopping radicalisation. They believe in the need for one single command, but above all that the war against radicalism and IS cannot solely be won in Syria and Iraq, but it also needs to be won by investing in the cities that are confronted with extremism. Here you will find the potential fighters, the potential terrorists.”

The summit takes places following terror attacks in Canada, Australia, France, Denmark and across the Middle East.

On Wednesday US President Obama addresses the conference.

He will also speak at a state department gathering on Thursday attended by representatives from around 60 countries including Belgium, France, Jordan and Egypt.


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