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The interim government – Verhofstadt will stay on until next Easter

20 December 2007 – Although some details still have to be confirmed, a lot is already known about the make up of the interim government. It will be made up of 14 ministers, 7 Flemings and 7 Francophones. The Flemish liberals will provide the Prime Minister and two cabinet members, while the Flemish Christian democrats will provide four ministers including one of the two deputy prime ministers.

The Francophone socialists will have three ministers and the Francophone Christian democrats one minister.

The Francophone liberals will provide the second deputy prime minister as well as two other ministers in the new cabinet.
Yves Leterme (Flemish Christian democrat) and Didier Reynders (Francophone liberal) are both to become deputy prime minister.

Mr Leterme with be charged with preparing measures on constitutional reform, while Mr Reynders with prepare the socio-economic programme for the new Federal Government proper that it is hoped will take office by Easter.

Mr Leterme will also be in charge of the budget, while Mr Renyders will stay on as Finance Minister.

The ministers

The VRT has learned that the Flemish Christian democrats are also the to be given the justice, defence and public sector industry ministries.

The names of the current party Chairman Jo Vandeurzen, the Mayor of the East Flemish town of Aalter Pieter De Crem and the former Flemish Welfare Minister Inge Vervotte are also being widely circulated as possible ministerial material. 

The Flemish liberals will provide the Prime Minister (Guy Verhofstadt).

Furthermore the party will provide the Interior Minister (Patrick Dewael) and the Foreign Minister (Karel De Gucht).

The Francophone liberal Didier Reynders will remain Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

His party colleague Sabine Laruelle will remain in charge of agriculture and the self-employed.

Charles Michel is to become the new Aid and Development Minister. Mr Michel’s father Louis is the EU’s Development Aid Commissioner.

The three Francophone socialists in the new interim government will almost certainly include the outgoing Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinkx.

She is likely to be given a big department such as Social Security and Pensions

Finally, the Francophone Christian democrats will be represented by the 64-year-old former union boss Josly Piette. Mr Piette will become the new employment minister.

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