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The great Belgium summer sale is on

Published on 02/07/2008

1 July 2008

BELGIUM – 1 July marks the first official day of summer sales in Belgium.

The turn-out on Tuesday was low in the morning, but by afternoon people were venturing out to the shops and malls.

Contrary to other years, there were no lines of people waiting outside the shops until the doors opened in the morning.

The early birds were able to get some good deals ahead of the sales this year, although this is not allowed officially. Sales of 30, 40 and up to 70 percent were reported before 1 July. Some stores are being slapped with fines.

Belgian legislation regarding the sales period is very strict; sales are only permitted during specified periods. The winter sales take place between the 3 – 31 of January, and the summer sales take place during the 1 – 30 July.

It is strictly forbidden to sell merchandise at a reduced price during a period preceding the sales, starting on the 15 November during the winter and on the 15 June during the summer.

The Federation of Belgian Distributors, Fedis, is hopeful about the summer sales.

"The sales this season have been down… it makes the sales period more interesting for the consumers. If the weather continues to be nice, we can expect good summer sales," says Dominique Michel of Fedis.

According to a survey by Fedis, 12 percent of women take one or more days off to shop during the sales. About 42 percent shop for themselves in the first place. Children and partners come in the second place.

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