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Teenager found guilty of murder

16 February 2007

BRUSSELS – 19-year-old Björn Moons from Kessel has been found guilty of the murder of Ingrid Van Regenmortel. The Antwerp crown court decided this after more than an hour and a half of deliberation on Thursday.

The accused was only 16 when he attacked 32-year-old Ingrid Van Regenmortel on 20 May 2004 while she was jogging along the Nete canal in Viersel. He wanted to sexually molest her but when she resisted he went into a rage and strangled her.

The public prosecution will demand an appropriate sentence today. Since the accused was a minor at the time of the incident the maximum he could be given is 30 years in prison, rather than life-long, which would be the maximum sentence for a convicted adult.

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