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Team digging up World War II Spitfire

A team of archaeologists is busy digging up a World War II Spitfire in a field in the West Flemish village of Beveren-Ijzer. The dig is of great historic value and the twenty-strong team are doing all they can to ensure that the dig comes to a successful conclusion.

Several pieces of the plane have already been brought to the surface and more of the plane is expected to be exhumed soon.

Once the dig has ended, the remains of the Spitfire will be put on display.

The Spitfire’s Australian pilot Stan May came under attack from twenty Luftwaffe fighter-planes during a sortie above West Flanders 66 years ago.

Stan May survived the crash even though his plane was wrecked when it hit the ground.

The Spitfire XII is something of a rarity as only 100 of them were made during the Second World War.

The plane was able to fly exceptionally low and so was able to avoid Nazi air defences.