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Taxpayer pays political parties over EUR 60 million a year

Published on 17/12/2014

As Belgium's biggest party at the 25 May general election the N-VA will pocket EUR 12.3 million of public money each and every year until the next Belgian general election.

The N-VA’s political grant is based on the number of parliamentarians that it got elected to the federal and regional parliaments.

As a result of the 25 May poll the Flemish nationalist’s grant grew by EUR 4.2 million. Researchers at Leuven University believe that the party could have EUR 43 million in its party coffers by 2019. This treasure trove would put the nationalists at a massive financial advantage compared to all other political parties.

There are only minor changes to the political grants received by most other parties. The far right Vlaams Belang loses EUR 2.5 million.

In all the Belgian taxpayer is funding political parties to the tune of EUR 60.8 million a year. The figure is up 4 million on the year.

The N-VA has increased its financial reserves from EUR 8.45 million in 2010 to EUR 18.39 million last year, but with EUR 18.8 million the Francophone socialist party PS is even richer.

Belgian political parties are now reliant on the taxpayer for 80 percent of their revenue.


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