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Tax return more complicated than ever

21 March 2007

BRUSSELS – Never before has the form for filing a tax return been so complicated. The new form contains more codes than ever – 579 in total, 38 more than last year. Flemish Christian Democrat CD&V MP Carl Devlies says the “limits of complexity have been reached.”

“Under Finance Minister Didier Reynders the number of codes on the tax return form has increased by 241 (compared to fiscal year 2000). As a result there are few people able to file their return accurately and to their best benefit without the help of a specialist,” Devlies says. He says it is inevitable that both taxpayers and the tax authority will “drop a stitch” here and there because of the complexity.

The CD&V MP says the government has done nothing to simplify the administrative process of paying income tax. That is why he is once again calling for the appointment of a commissioner for fiscal simplification.

“The limits of complexity have been reached. Not only does the tax return form resemble a lotto card, filling it in has become a lottery as well,” Devlies says.

“Nevertheless it is essential to use the right codes for tax deduction or relief. Errors in that can lead to unpleasant financial consequences for taxpayers,” he added.

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