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Swedish master chef’s restaurant bankrupt

Published on 15/08/2005

29 July 2005  BRUSSELS — The Antwerp court of commerce has declared the well-known restaurant Absoluut Zweeds bankrupt.

Owned by Christer Elfving, the restaurant was running at a loss and had accumulated a debt of EUR 175,000.

It was first reported on 23 July that Absoluut Zweeds — located on the Wijngaardstraat in Antwerp — would apply for bankruptcy and the city court approved the application on 29 July.

The restaurant’s debts were considered too great to continue operations, news agency Belga reported.

Elfving is originally from Sweden, but has lived in Antwerp for 17 years. He is not only a master chef, but also a media personality.

He presented the programme ‘Zomergrillen’ on lifestyle television channel Vitaya and was involved in ‘Aan Tafel’ with TV1. Elfving can also be heard on radio Donna.

Besides his involvement in the electronic media, Elfving has also given his name to various recipes from retailer Delhaize and is the author of three books, for which he has won various awards.

Elfving became famous for his culinary style: it is free of tradition and incorporates influences from across the globe.

Besides Absoluut Zeeds, he has another restaurant called ‘Absoluut Basic’. It is situated at the previous location of Absoluut Zweeds on the Marnixplaats.

Absoluut Zweeds was taken to court by the National Office of Social Security (RSZ) last October. The restaurant has also breached legal requirements for failing to draw up an annual account.

Elfving is not the first master chef who has seen a restaurant run off the financial rails.

Leuven-based chef Frank Fol — who is also a well-known media personality — made headlines recently with the sale of his restaurant Sire Pynnock.

Fol said at the time that it was difficult to make a top restaurant profitable.

And three years ago, the Limburg restaurant Scholteshof of Roger Souvereyns was also declared bankrupt.

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