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Strike in Antwerp and Limburg on Monday

Meanwhile, one of the big rail unions has announced plans to strike for 24 hours on 11 December.

The wind-down started in the port of Antwerp on Sunday. At 5pm pilots commenced industrial action as part of the regional day of action. Navigation also came to a standstill in the ports of Ghent and Zeebrugge.

Some 33 ships were preparing to leave Antwerp with a further 30 ready to sail into Flemish ports.

The unions are also planning actions in Limburg, Hainault and Luxembourg Provinces on Monday.

The ASTB rail union says it’s launching a first national stoppage on Thursday 11 December. The union argues that the railway company’s bonus system lacks coherence and is seeking a revaluation for train drivers and other rail workers.

The union says it’s been trying to negotiate with the rail management since last September, but has the impression it’s been talking to the wall.

When’s the strike in my area?

Belgium’s three big unions staged a Day of Protest on 6 November. This is being followed by three regional strike days:

  • 24 November: Antwerp, Hainault, Limburg, Luxembourg
  • 1 December: East and West Flanders, Namur and Liège
  • 8 December: Flemish and Walloon Brabant and Brussels


Protests culminate in the general strike on 15 December.


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