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Stranded Jetair passengers return

Published on 10/07/2007

10 July 2007

BRUSSELS – A plane operated by Jetair was forced to make an emergency landing in the Croatian port city of Dubrovnik on Monday. There were no injuries. The passengers were transported to Zaventem airport on a different aircraft this morning.

Jetair could not get hold of a replacement aircraft to bring the passengers home until this morning. About 200 people were stranded at the airport overnight.

“At first we considered bringing them to hotels, but all the hotels in the area were fully booked. Besides, we knew that a solution was being arranged and we wanted to keep the passengers together. They were kept informed of the situation by a Jetair spokesperson at the airport,” the tour operator said. The aeroplane finally left this morning at about 6 am and arrived at Zaventem at about 8.

The Jetair flight suffered a burst tyre on Monday while taking off. There was also reportedly a problem with the hydraulic system. The pilot decided to return to Dubrovnik when these problems were discovered and make an emergency landing. Most of those on board were Flemish tourists on holiday in Croatia.

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