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Still no body in latest Fourniret search

18 April 2005

BRUSSELS – A search of confessed serial killer Michel Fourniret’s home in the southern Belgian town of Sart-Custinne has yielded no new evidence, according to a Belga news agency report.

Belgian authorities had hoped to at least retrieve the body of one of his victims, but were still empty-handed on Sunday after five days of searching.

“The house has been almost completely turned upside-down,” said Belgian prosecrutor Arnould d’Aspremont Lynden. “All the rooms on the ground floor were searched, after which a layer of concrete (supporting the house) was broken into.”

“We found nothing of interest for the inquiry, besides that which we already knew – that Michel Fourniret had diverted his electrical wiring and water pipes,” he said.
The only part of the house that remains to be searched is a small area in the bathroom, he added.

Fourniret is wanted in connection with a string of murders on both sides of the French-Belgian border, eight of which he has confessed to.

He will almost certainly stand trial in France before appearing in court in Belgium.
His wife, Monique Olivier, was charged last month with three murders. The three victims were all young girls Olivier is said to have lured to the Belgian home she and her husband lived in between 1992 and 1997.

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