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Stevaert urges for unified Limburg province


15 November 2007

BRUSSELS – Limburg’s provincial governor Steve Stevaert wants the Belgian and Dutch provinces of Limburg to be able to profile themselves as a single province in the European context.

Instead of making a distinction between “Belgian” and “Dutch” Limburg, the distinction should be between “West” and “East” Limburg, respectively. This would allow a unified Limburg to better profile itself within Europe and apply for subsidies as a single region, Stevaert said in his annual speech at the provincial capital building in Hasselt.

The Limburg governor says he has already reached agreement on this with his Dutch counterpart and that a charter could be signed to unify both Limburgs on the European level.

Stevaert says the proposal is only logical, since neither the euro, the language, nor the national anthem (“Waar in ‘t bronsgroen eikenhout” in both provinces) stops at the border.

Another proposal from Stevaert is his "Spartacus plus plan", to improve mobility over the national borders. The governor is urging for a faster light rail connection between Hasselt and Maastricht.

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