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State reform should not foster animosity

Published on 11/07/2007

11 July 2007

BRUSSELS – A new state reform must not lead to Flanders withdrawing into itself and the Flemings taking an aggressive tone towards their francophone discussion partners.

Flemish speaker of Parliament Marleen Vanderpoorten said this today in her 11 July speech.

A state reform must ensure that both Flanders and Wallonia can better play on their strengths, without endangering federal solidarity, Vanderpoorten said.

“We must take a constructive attitude towards our partners in discussion: we mustn’t take an aggressive tone,” Vanderpoorten said.

“It would be an enormous blunder if the new state reform were to lead to Flanders withdrawing into itself, blind to the expectations of others,” she said.

Vanderpoorten urged for a state reform that provides simple structures, comprehensible to the public. The plans to hold Flemish and federal elections at the same time should also be clearer, she said.

The five resolutions of the Flemish Parliament remain the starting point for the state reform, Vanderpoorten said. She also supports the proposal to split up the electoral district of Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde.

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