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“Son had cut wounds”

20 June 2007

BRUSSELS – The son of the family found dead in the textile shop on the Kapucijnenstraat in Brussels will be brought before a judge on Friday. The court will decide whether he will be held longer.

Leopold Storme was arrested on Monday for the murders of his parents and sister. The public prosecution department did not want to release any further information on Wednesday about the autopsies on the three victims.

The authorities say the victims were killed between 10pm Saturday night and 4 am Sunday morning. La Dernière Heure however has reported that the results of the autopsies apparently indicate they were killed on Saturday at about 7 pm, the time when the shop usually closed.

The 19-year-old man in custody had fresh cuts on his hands that appear to have been caused by a sharp object. This was one of the reasons detectives are suspicious about him, the public prosecution office in Brussels said on Tuesday.

Public prosecution spokesperson Jos Colpin did point out that the investigation was in its early stages however and that the young man is still presumed innocent.

The authorities still have no idea what the motive for the murder was. The murder weapon is still being sought.

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