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“Something resembling an agreement”

20 December 2007 – Reactions to the news that the political deadlock has been broken after more than 6 months of negotiation have been coming in from all sides of the political spectrum.

The leader of the Flemish socialists Caroline Gennez told journalists that  "a least there is now something other than the shaddow boxing of the past six months".

Ms Gennez added that her party would be a constructive opposition.

The Flemish nationalists are still to decide whether or not their five MPs will be supporting the new government.

The nationalists hope to make their voices heard in the Constitutional Reform Committee.

Green pleased, far right unimpressed

The Flemish greens’ Chairwoman Mieke Vogels (photo) told journalists that she is glad that agreement has been reached on the formation of a government. Ms Vogels also said that it was a good thing that the new government will have a climate minister.

The far-right Vlaams Belang slammed the interim government as having no subtance and not even offering guarentees for consitutional reform.

The party went on to say that the voters’ wishes had been ignored and that the new government will be "even more left wing than the last one".

The right-wing liberal Jean-Marie Dedecker also expressed his dismay at the composition of the new interim government. "Good for our image abroad" The Flemish liberal Chairman Bart Somers told journalists that Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt had done the country a great service.

"The timer has stopped and a new government can get down to buisiness once it has received the backing of parliament"

"Moreover, this means we can put an end to the damage our country’s image abroad".


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