Home News Some 5,000 Belgians want Google to delete them

Some 5,000 Belgians want Google to delete them

Published on 13/10/2014

According to data released by the company, nearly 5,000 Belgians have put in a request ‘to be forgotten’ since May.

Dailies Het Nieuwsblad, Het Belang van Limburg and De Standaard report that nearly half of the reported 15,000 links have been erased so far.

In all of Europe, around 500,000 requests were made, with 170,000 individual links erased.

Each day, Google receives 1,000 requests. A team of experts decides which links qualify to be forgotten by the search engine.

For instance, finance professionals asking to erase search results about their financial tampering were ignored.

But when a German rape survivor requested for a link about the incident featuring her name to be erased, it was promptly deleted.

More information about this policy can be found on Google’s dedicated page.


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