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Solvay Business School gets the green light

Published on 26/02/2007

26 February 2007

The renovation and extension of the Solvay Business School is not to everyone’s taste. The future building will be located on the corner of Roosevelt Avenue and Jeanne Avenue and includes a 250-seat theatre and 16 lecture halls of 40 to 120 seats.

According to some of the neighbourhood’s residents such as Michel De Muylder, a critic of the project, the building, as it is planned now, is not in harmony with the rest of the neighbourhood.

A special council had rejected the first project proposal in May 2006 and, to the surprise of local residents, the new council accepted this project although the new proposal does not take all the previous points of criticism into consideration.

The previous council asked that the building be pushed 3 meters back with respect to the road but the new blueprints show a retreat of only 2 meters. Also the underground parking the city had requested is still nowhere to be found.

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