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Soldier photographed women in dressing rooms

Published on 18/07/2005

18 July 2005

BRUSSELS — A 45-year-old soldier was caught taking photos of naked young women in the dressing rooms of a Liege clothing store on Saturday.

The man pointed the camera under the doors of the Belle-Ile dressing rooms to take the photos, but one of the husbands of the women alerted police.

A saleswoman later said the man regularly came into the young women’s clothing store and that staff never really knew what he was doing there.

Police searched the man’s home and found 150 photos on his computer of women caught while undressing at the store.

Prosecution officials were informed, but decided against arresting the man, who is expected to later appear in court.

In another incident, a man was caught in Liege (Luik) several weeks ago for the same crime in a women’s clothing store.

The man had attached a digital camera to his shows and took the photos with a remote control, newspaper ‘De Standaard’ reported.

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