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Snowfalls in East Belgium, but no skiing yet

Published on 25/11/2005

25 November 2005

BRUSSELS — As heavy wintry storms hit a large swathe of Europe on Friday, the first snowfalls of any real note were also recorded in Belgium.

After the light snow falls of last week, a snow cover depth of 13cm was reported in Elseborn on Friday.

The snow in the east of the country started to fall on Thursday afternoon and 5cm was being recorded at Stavelot-Malmedy on Friday. There was also 5cm in Spa and St-Hubert.

The Belgian weather bureau RMI said not every snow report is complete and snow was expected to continue falling on Friday afternoon.

The wintry weather is forecast to continue in coming days, with sporadic snowfalls expected, newspaper ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ reported.

However, it is still too early to say whether the ski slopes will open this weekend. In Spa, the snow cover is still inadequate, for example.

Additionally, the hunting season has not yet ended and it is illegal to enter certain parts of the forest. The hunting season will end on 20 December.

The tourist office of the East Cantons said no ski piste has been opened, but an update will be posted to the website www.eastbelgium.be later on Friday.

The snowfalls have not yet led to any large scale traffic problems, with motorways flowing as per normal. Limited problems were being reported on secondary roads.

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