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Smoking cabin for restaurants

10 April 2007

BRUSSELS – A quarter of restaurants and bars received a warning over the past weeks from the federal ministries for food quality and public health for failing to comply with the new smoking legislation.

Walloon inventors Sante Dolce and Claudio Miccoli want to offer restaurant and bar owners a helping hand in the form of Smoke Clean, a hermetically sealed-off cabin in which patrons or staff can smoke to their heart’s content.

“Now they have to step outside and that really isn’t pleasant,” says Sante Dolce. “This cabin allows them to stay inside and non-smokers aren’t bothered by the smoke.”

“What is handy is that you can install the cabin anywhere,” says Dolce. “The client decides: it can be as big or small as he likes.”

“The cabin is equipped with a revolutionary ventilation system. It sucks the smoke out and makes sure that it stays inside the ventilator. The system also pumps fresh air into the chamber continuously.”

The Smoke Clean will be officially launched on the Belgian market this week.

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