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Smoking ban in cars

Over 4,000 Belgians aged 15 to 75 were quizzed.

Among non-smokers support for a ban rises to 72 percent.

Some 55 percent of smokers support the measure too.

The Cancer Foundation’s Luk Joossens: "Smoking in the car is very detrimental for your health. You are locked in a small space and the smoke is highly concentrated. Fellow passengers smoke along with you as a result of second hand smoke."

So far politicians have not taken any initiative.

Luk Joossens believes that the ban should be introduced at the same time as other regulations are changed: "Packs of cigarettes can be made to look less luxurious and this will ensure that fewer youngsters are attracted to smoking."

Mr Joossens opposes a ban that only applies when children are in the vehicle: "What about when there are asthma and heart patients in the car?"


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