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Slow but steady progress for e-commerce

Published on 21/01/2005

21 January 2005

BRUSSELS – Online trading is progressing steadily in Belgium but the sector still has a great deal of untapped potential, a new survey has found.

Belgian business lobby the Federation des Entreprises de Belgique (FEB) said on Friday that so called business to consumer services had progressed significantly over the past year.

‘B to C’ firms target members of the public through online stores selling anything from books to aeroplane tickets.

However the FEB said that the ‘business to business’ (B to B) sector is still very underdeveloped in Belgium.

B to B services are designed to put businesses in touch with other firms, for example suppliers.

FEB said it was “extremely important” for Belgian firms to become more adept with B to B techniques, as doing so would help them to become more competitive.

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