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Six new TV channels launched

Published on 29/10/2004

29 October 2004

BRUSSELS – Friday morning saw the launch of six new TV channels in Belgium.

The new station, called Be tv! – pronounced “Bitivi”, started at 7am on Friday and replaces Canal+ Belgique.

It will screen films, serials, sport and programmes made in Belgium. New Belgian shows include Twin Fliks, a series about a police duo, Al dente, a light-hearted chat show where Belgian and French personalities will be interviewed, and Ze Box, a programme about today’s social etiquette.

Programme planners promise Be Cine 1 will screen “multicultural and eclectic” cinema from India, Italy, France and Spain, among others. They say cinema buffs can expect the likes of Lagaan: once upon a time in India, Zatoichi, American Splendor and The animatrix.

Sports fans can follow the football leagues on Be Sport 1 and sports like ping-pong, golf, tennis and rugby will be screened on Be Sport 2.

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