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Sharp rise in demand for Flatscreen TVs

Published on 19/08/2005

19 August 2005

BRUSSELS — Flatscreen LCD and plasma televisions are silently conquering Belgian loungerooms.

Both producers and retailers are reporting increasing sales of flatscreen televisions, but the traditional box has not yet disappeared from stores.

Electronics firm Philips said the demand for flatscreen televisions has risen sharply in the past two years.

“In June of this year, the sale of flatscreen TVs increased by 200 percent in comparison with June last year,” Philips spokesman Julien Michiels said.

A spokesman for electronics retailer Media Markt confirmed the trend: “Momentarily, the appliances make up 55 to 60 percent of sales. In the last six months especially there are indications of a breakthrough of the LCD screens”.

Media Markt expects the sales of flatscreens will make up 70 percent of TV sales in the coming two years. After two years, that is expected to rise to 80 percent.

Chain store Fnac has also reported double the amount of sales compared with last year, newspaper ‘De Standaard’ reported on Thursday. The traditional TVs now make up just 20 to 30 percent of Fnac TVs.

The main reason for the increased demand is price. Philips spokesman Michiels said the price drops every year and flatscreens now cost 30 percent less than they did 12 months ago.

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