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Sharing baby with the family back home

Features of the online baby book, Babylolly.com, include photo albums, videos, baby journals, milestones, growth charts, and the service is free.

“Babylolly  is part online babybook, part family social network. Parents can capture and share all important moments of their baby’s life with simple online tools such as photo albums, videos, journals,” says Amsterdam-based Canadian expat Colleen Geske, who founded the site with her brother.

“Family and friends can not only monitor the baby’s every step from around the globe, but can also actively participate by uploading photos and videos, posting journal entries, or leaving notes on message boards.”

Babylolly.com differs from other social networking sites in three ways, “it’s private, collaborative and dedicated,” says Geske.

“Only people from your close friends/family network will have access to baby photos and more, and all content is owned by the parents.”

The site offers family and friends the possibility “to collaboratively build the baby book,” says Geske, “So the whole network can upload photos to someone’s baby book, write a journal posting, and more.”

Babylolly is a dedicated service in that it offers special‘baby’ tools such as ‘firsts’; first word, first walk, ‘favourites’, and ‘growth charts’.”

Expats who can’t nip next door to ask grandma for advice on their baby’s sleeping habits, will also benefit in a few weeks from a special section of "daily parenting tips" from an experienced early-childhood expert.

“We created Babylolly.com with expat parents in mind, so that they would have an easy-to-use tool to share their baby’s life with family and friends back home,” says Colleen.

Babylolly.comAs well as saving time and money on letters and emails and phone calls, Babylolly.com looks like it will help expat mums ward off that sense of isolation often felt in the first few months of setting up home with a young family in a new country.