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Senegal court postpones Habre extradition ruling

Published on 23/11/2005

23 November 2005

BRUSSELS — The Appeals Court in Senegal has postponed until Friday a decision on whether to extradite former Chad ruler Hissene Habre to Belgium over allegations of atrocities committed during his rule.

The court is considering a Belgian extradition warrant for Habre, 63, who has lived in exile in Senegal for 15 years.

Habre is accused of responsibility for mass murder and torture carried out by his political police between 1982 and 1990 when he was Chad’s president.

Defence lawyers deny their client had any knowledge his police tortured and killed political prisoners.

Brussels Court requested Habre’s extradition in September under the country’s universal jurisdiction law. This allows Belgian judges to prosecute human rights violations no matter where they were committed.

The Senegal Appeals Court was due to rule on the extradition request on Tuesday, but has delayed its ruling until Friday.

Habre — who was arrested in Senegal last week — was not present in court on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

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