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Security drivers in a panic

Published on 01/02/2005

1 February 2005

BRUSSELS – Belgium’s security van drivers have been thrown into panic after a sudden rise in attacks.

Employees from the Group 4 security firm have been violently attacked twice in recent weeks and are now fearing a spate of incidents similar to the 1990s, when armed thieves regularly targeted armoured vans transporting cash.

Unions are calling for the installation of special intelligence cases that automatically devalue the goods transported if normal procedures are interrupted or there is an outside attack.

One system for doing this, for example, covers bank notes with indelible ink if the box they are being transported in is tampered with.

The installation of these kinds of security devices has already been delayed and unions want more recognition of the risks of the job.

They are also opposed to moves by Interior Minister Patrick Dewael to ease security procedures for certain routes.

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