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Home News Second mildest winter on record

Second mildest winter on record

Published on 03/03/2014

February 2014 was particularly mild with lots of low pressure.1

March signals the start of the meteorological spring.

It’s a good time to look back at the past winter.

During the past winter it only froze on three occasions.

This is an all-time record.

The past winter breaks the last record set in 1988-89 when it only froze on eleven occasions.

One day of snow was recorded in Ukkel, the Brussels home of the Belgian Met Office.

This record low only occurred twice before, in 1988-89 and 2007-08.

During an average winter it snows on 13 different days.

The sun shone an awful lot during the past winter: 217 hours.

The average figure is around 180 hours.

Last winter’s sunshine figures usually only occur once a decade.

In February the average day low stood at 4.1° C making February 2014 very abnormal.

The average low for the month of February in Belgium is 0.7°C.

The average day high at 9.4° was more normal.

Average temperature in February stood at 6.6°C, while a figure of 3.7°C is the average since records began. / Expatica