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School materials free of charge

Published on 11/05/2007

11 May 2007

BRUSSELS – Starting next school year primary schools must make all the school materials that pupils need available to them free of charge. The Flemish government has decided this.

This includes writing material, compasses, atlases, dictionaries, and calculators.  Schools will be given EUR 45 per pupil to cover the costs of these items. Parents will still be responsible for paying for school uniforms and clothes for physical education.

Parents will be required to pay a maximum of EUR 20 per toddler and EUR 60 per pupil each year for supplementary school materials and small excursions.

Longer excursions, like hiking or sailing courses, may cost a maximum of EUR 360 per pupil. Schools will be given extra subsidies for these activities.

Special measures will also be in place for low-income families.

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