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Save electricity to avert power cuts

Published on 03/11/2014

In order to achieve this, the new “Off-ON” website has been launched.

The message is that by being more economical when using electricity blackouts can be avoid in the coming months.

Belgium could face electricity supply problems during the coming, especially if there is a long period of cold weather. This is due to a number of reactors being out of service at Belgium’s two nuclear power plants.

The previous Federal Government drew up a plant that would see the electricity supply being interrupted in some areas to avoid a total blackout in the whole country.

However, the new Federal Government says that is doesn’t have to come to this if we are all more economical when using electricity.

The new “Off-On” campaign is designed to encourage Belgians to use less electricity.

The “Off-On” website (in Dutch, French and German) contains tips and guidelines on how to reduce domestic electricity consumption.

The guidelines will be tighten a week in advance and certain activities that use a lot of electricity could be banned if there is a real risk of a power shortage.

We will be able to share films, give tips and provide information on the specific energy saving measures we plan to undertake. The social media will be at the heart of the campaign.

The message is that if everyone does their bit no one should have to go without.

The Federal Government is keen to stress that power cut will only be implemented as “a last resort”.


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