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Sarkozy touts ties with Merkel ahead of EU vote

Berlin — German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Berlin Sunday in a show of support between the two conservative leaders ahead of the European elections next month.

"We carry weight when we are united and when we know what to decide," said Sarkozy in Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper, adding that his relationship with Merkel is "efficient."

"Our careers are very different and I am fascinated by Angela … She knows that she can rely on me like I know I can rely on her," he said.

According to a diplomat, it was the first time a French president had campaigned in Germany in the run up to an election. The German chancellor will make a reciprocal trip to Paris at the end of month, the diplomat added.

However, Sarkozy said his comments were not intended as a sign that he supports Merkel’s re-election as chancellor in September, insisting that "it’s for the Germans to decide."

The two leaders had a working dinner Sunday to discuss the next European summit in June and the Group of Eight summit in Italy in July.