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Safety substandard in Kennedy tunnel

26 April 2007

ANTWERP – The safety of the Kennedy tunnel in Antwerp leaves much to be desired, according to an investigation into the safety of 51 European tunnels.

A series of tunnels is tested for safety every year as part of the European Tunnel Assessment Programme. Of the 51 tunnels tested this year, 18 were deemed “very good” in terms of safety, 11 were deemed “good,” 12 “acceptable”, 3 “poor,” and 7 “very poor.” The Belgian Kennedy tunnel was tested and received a score of “poor.”

The main reason for the bad rating was the volume of traffic that passes through the tunnel. The Antwerp tunnel was the busiest of the 51 tested. About 30 percent of the vehicles that use the tunnel are heavy transport trucks and there are no restrictions for dangerous transport (except for explosive goods.)

While the volume and weight of traffic was the main problem, the lack of up-to-date emergency plans was also a safety risk.

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