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Ronse murderer acted alone

27 August 2007

RONSE – The public prosecution department in Oudenaarde has no indications that more than one person was involved in the triple murder in Ronse, according to spokesperson Geert Merchiers.

The suspect who has been arrested, the 35-year-old ex-boyfriend of the mother who was killed, continues to deny his involvement. The authorities say they have strong evidence that he stabbed the woman to death on Friday night and then set fire to her house. The woman’s 2-year-old twins died as a result of smoke asphyxiation.

The man will appear before the court in Oudenaarde on Tuesday for a decision on whether he will be kept in custody longer. The public prosecution department does not want to make any further announcements until the court decision. It is still not clear whether the murder weapon, the knife used to stab the woman, has been found. Further investigation will take place at the murder scene on Monday, the spokesperson said.

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