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Rockets fired onto pitch as Belgium loses

Published on 30/03/2009

The result almost certainly means that Belgium will not travel to the World Cup.

Bosnia humiliated the Belgians in their match in the eastern city of Genk and deservedly won this fixture.

The fans were treated to a series of goals, but it was the visitors who ended up on top.

Belgium started the match with lots of enthusiasm with Mudingayi playing in midfield and with Witsel on the bench.

Defour posed a threat, but Bosnia was quick to score thanks to Dzeko.

Before half-time De Camargo had to leave the pitch due to injury.

Rockets fired on the pitch

In the second half the Red Devils displayed little imagination, though they did manage to scote through Dembele.

After this the atmosphere changed with Bosnian supporters launching firework rockets onto the pitch.

The game had to be suspended for a time due to the smoke.

Jahic took Bosnia back into the lead. Bajramovic made it 3 – 1, while Misimovic made the Belgians’ humiliation complete scoring the visitors’ fourth goal.

A late goal from Sonck failed to inspire the Belgians who can now say goodbye to their World Cup dreams.

Belgium now has 7 points out of a possible 15 and lie fourth in the group.