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Robbers bind and gag elderly couple

21 May 2007

LOMMEL – A couple in their 70s was admitted to hospital for observation on Sunday evening after a home-jacking in Noord-Limburg town of Lommel. They were in shock and had suffered minor injuries.

A well-dressed man carrying a briefcase rang the couple’s doorbell at about 9 pm on Sunday. The woman answered the door and was immediately pushed back into the home. Two accomplices forced their way into the home and bound and gagged the elderly couple. The old man resisted but was struck several times on the face.

The three perpetrators, who spoke English to the couple, demanded money. They had a pistol but did not fire any shots. There was not much cash in the home but the men made off with whatever money and jewels they could find. The three then left.

At about 10.30 pm the couple managed to loosen the tape used to tie them up and called authorities.

The public prosecution department in Hasselt is investigating the case. Forensic experts and the federal police in Hasselt have examined the home. No clues have yet been found to help track down the three men, who are presumably of Eastern European background.

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