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Home News Roaming charges: Pricy bill for holiday chat

Roaming charges: Pricy bill for holiday chat

Published on 02/08/2009
The woman used her mobile phone to chat with friends via the Internet for around an hour a day for a week, using the website Video images from the woman’s webcam caused a lot of data traffic. High rates for mobile Internet use led to the enormous bill. 
Mobistar, the mobile phone operator that billed the woman, said that the bill was correct, but is prepared to discuss the matter.
The telecoms authority says that people who access the Internet via their mobile phone should make themselves familiar with the rates charged abroad. The European Union is currently clamping down on exorbitant mobile Internet rates. Within two years rates will be severely cut.
In future, mobile phone users should be able to see the rate they are being charged when they access the internet abroad.