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Resorts braced for weekend ski fever

Published on 26/02/2004

26 February 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgium’s ski resorts are bracing themselves for a weekend onslaught of thrill seekers following heavy snowfalls on Wednesday and Thursday, several Belgian newspapers have reported.

Both Le Soir and La Libre Belgique report that all of the country’s ski resorts are now open for business an will remain snow-covered well into the coming weekend.

While the snow may be causing some problems for motorists, Belgium’s ski resort operators are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of a bumper weekend.

“If the snowfalls continue we should have a lot of visitors arriving from the end of the week onwards,” Manfred Dahmnen an official at the tourist office for Belgium’s eastern cantons told La Libre Belgique.

 Up until now Belgium’s ski resorts have not had a good season, as snowfalls have been relatively light.

But according to the latest forecasts from Belgium’s meteorological service, the current snowy weather is set to remain for some time.

The experts are predicting further snowfalls on Thursday night and yet more snow on Friday.

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