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Residents told ‘clean up dirty Brussels’

20 January 2005

BRUSSELS – A Brussels councillor has launched a hard-hitting campaign to get residents to clean up the city.

Bertin Mampaka, a member of the centrist party CDH, took over from Georges Dallemagne six months ago.

Through posters, radio ads and leaflets, he has now started telling residents: “Debarrasse-moi de tes crasses”, roughly translated as “Get rid of this muck!”

Singer Marka has been asked to compose a French and Dutch jingle to sum up the message which will be broadcast for 15 days on local radio stations.

The street theatre company La Compagnie de la Sonnette has also been recruited to put on a spot of drama on the theme in key areas.

A special poster has gone up at Laeken and 70,000 copies have been printed of a newspaper encouraging clean habits.

Brussels commune has also dished out EUR 25,000 to 12 projects promoting the initiative, run by schools, organisations and neighbourhood groups.

The authorities have also announced their intention to use the powers available to them to fine for illegal rubbish dumping.
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