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Reconstruction of Belgian girl’s murder in France

30 November 2004

BRUSSELS – The murder of the Belgian 12-year-old Elisabeth Brichet, a crime French serial killer Michel Fourniret has confessed to, has been reconstructed in France.

The reconstruction took place on Tuesday, French police said.

Fourniret himself refused to take part in the re-enactment of the events of 20 and 21 December 1989 when he and his wife, Monique Olivier, took Brichet to France.

Olivier did co-operate with Tuesday’s operation however and she went with Belgian and French investigators to Sautou chateau in Donchery, northern of France, which she and her husband used to own.

While 40 police officers guarded the chateau’s entrance, around 10 cars arrived shortly after 9 am for the reconstruction.

One was a Renault 9, similar to the one in which it is believed the couple drove Brichet from Belgium across the border.

Namur’s attorney general Cedric Visart de Bocarme and investigator Anne-Catherine Dube were among those present to watch Tuesday’s reconstruction by the French police.

Most of the re-enactment took place at the back of the chateau, where Brichet’s body was discovered in July, but later in the day, officers moved to another of Fourniret’s homes in the town of Floing, where the couple took Brichet after kidnapping her in Namur. 

It was in the house in Floing where Fourniret tied Brichet to a mattress and sexually abused her. Early the next morning, Olivier drove Fourniret to their chateau, with Brichet in the boot of the car.

She then left Brichet alone with Fourniret who sexually abused her again before strangling her.

When Olivier returned, her husband told her: “It’s finished, but don’t go in the freezer for the moment.”

He had stored Brichet’s body there before he could bury her.

On 17 October, Fourniret took part in a reconstruction of the kidnapping of Elisabeth Brichet at Saint-Servais in Namur in Belgium.

Over the summer Fourniret confessed to murdering nine people, including Brichet.

However earlier this month’s one of the people he thought he had killed – a travelling salesman Fourniret shot at a motorway service station in the 1980s – was found to be alive and living in northern France.
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