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Reasons behind family tragedy unclear

Published on 01/03/2007

1 March 2007

BRUSSELS – It is still unclear why a mother in Nijvel killed all five of her children on Wednesday afternoon. The bodies of the four girls and one boy, aged 3 to 14, were found in their home yesterday afternoon. The woman tried to commit suicide after cutting the children’s throats.

When her suicide attempt failed, she called the emergency services. The woman was admitted to hospital.

The children’s father works in the pharmaceutical industry and was on a business trip when the incident took place. He was informed of the situation and provided psychological care upon his arrival at Zaventem airport last night.

The emergency services and police officers who arrived on the scene are also being provided psychological support.

One fact in the case caught the attention of all the investigators at the house on Wednesday. The sentence “call the police” was written twice on the front door of the home.

Neighbours are shocked. They say the family was well integrated in the community. The children all went to school in Nijvel and the father was doing well professionally.

A spokesperson for the authorities in Nijvel said on Wednesday that an analysis of the farewell letter that woman wrote to a friend indicates that the woman was “extremely confused.”

The mother was reportedly being treated for depression, but the exact reason for her actions is still unclear.

The woman could be charged with murder if her actions were premeditated and she is found accountable for her deeds.

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