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Re-enactment of Fourniret kidnap

Published on 25/08/2004

25 August 2004

BRUSSELS – A re-enactment of the kidnapping of murdered Belgian girl Elisabeth Brichet will take place in September at Saint-Servais, it was announced on Wednesday.

French serial killer Michel Fourniret has admitted to abducting and killing the 12-year-old, along with other girls and young women in France and Belgium. 

However, Namur public prosecutor Cedric Visart de Bocarme says Fourniret and Monique Olivier, the killer’s wife and self confessed accomplice, tell different stories about the Brichet kidnap.

The prosecutor says he hopes recreating the event can help investigators get to the truth.

 Brichet was walking from her home to her friend’s house about 200 metres away when Fourniret and Olivier spotted her.

They waited several hours for her to come out again and then lured her into their car by pretending their baby was sick and they were looking for a doctor.

The area near to Brichet’s home will be placed under police guard during the re-enactment of the events of that day, which will be filmed.

Chaussee de Waterloo will be closed to traffic.

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