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Questions remain over Brussels kidnapping

Published on 23/08/2005

23 August 2005

BRUSSELS — The man who held his former mother-in-law and her daughter hostage for 33 hours in a Brussels apartment last week will appear in court on Wednesday, but various questions about the kidnapping remain unanswered. 

Farid Bamouhammad, 38, alias Farid ‘le Fou’, was questioned by police after his arrest last Friday, but investigators are still puzzled by the kidnapping.

Bamouhammad was released from the Aarlen prison on Wednesday morning with permission from a children’s court judge to visit his daughter in Brussels.
However, he already knew that the nine-year-old girl didn’t want to see him, because his former parents-in-law had told him that beforehand.
It appears that Bamouhammad had the pre-intention to kidnap his parents-in-law, newspaper ‘De Standaard’ reported.

The fact that he arrived at the Brussels city centre apartment for a ‘family visit’ with a hand grenade and pistol strengthens this theory.

The convicted killer has answered police questions with vague answers and refused to reveal where he obtained the weapons.
If Brussels Court allows his release on Wednesday, Bamouhammad will remain in jail, however. He still has 10 years to serve of a previous sentence for murder and kidnapping.

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