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PS clampdown on family violence

Published on 03/12/2003

3 December 2003

BRUSSELS – The Belgian francophone Socialist Party (PS) has launched a new campaign in the fight against family violence.

Minister for Justice Laurette Onklelinx, Minster for Social Integration, Marie Arena and Secretary of State for Families Isabelle Simonis launched the PS’ anti family violence plan Tuesday.

A 2001 campaign encouraging battered women to break their silence is to be re-launched, while magistrates will be offered specialised training in the issues surrounding physical and emotional abuse in the home.

In a third trajectory, doctors will be encouraged to make more use of medical certificates designed specifically for sexual and physical violence, which are currently used very little.

The certificates can be central pieces of evidence in complaints against perpetrators and are important in the taking out of injunctions. 

Also in the pipeline is a plan to deal more effectively with offenders of family violence.  According to a University of Louvain study, seven out of ten cases are left unreported.

Currently, only one Liege based organisation, “Praxis,” is working with offending parties though penal mediation – two other such projects are planned for Brussels and Flanders.

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