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Protesters plan to invade NATO HQ in Brussels

BRUSSELS – "We will enter the NATO headquarters in a non-violent manner and seal the gates, windows and main entrances. We will commit an offence as a means to prevent a greater crime," the Belgian Action for Peace group said.

"We are calling for the withdrawal of NATO troops in Afghanistan and an immediate end of nuclear arms in our countries," the group explained.

In March last year a thousand pacifists attempted a similar operation to mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

They were thwarted by police who made 450 arrests.

Security has been stepped up around the NATO headquarters.

A NATO summit marking the 60th anniversary will take place on the French-German border on April 3-4, with US President Barack Obama among the participants.

Action for Peace indicated its members would take part in a "counter summit" in Strasbourg from March 31-April 5.

AFP / Expatica