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Prison break accomplice arrested

Published on 09/05/2007

9 May 2007

BRUSSELS – One of the two men who helped a prisoner escape from the Lantin prison via helicopter in April has been arrested in the French city of Nîmes.

On 15 April two men hired a helicopter from near Sint-Truiden. During the flight they threatened the pilot and co-pilot and forced them to land in a courtyard at the Lantin prison and pick up French prisoner Eric Ferdinand.

Ferdinand and his accomplices are well known to the police in the city of Nîmes.

Earlier this week the Nîmes police managed to apprehend one of them during a traffic check. The other accomplice managed to evade capture.

Cyrille Schramm was arrested when the motorcycle he was riding turned out to be stolen. Detectives say there are also indications that he was one of the two men who helped Eric Ferdinand escape.

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