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Price of milk to increase 15 percent

Published on 31/05/2007

31 May 2007

BRUSSELS – Milk, cheese, and yoghurt will all be a bit more expensive in future. Belgium is following the example of Germany, France and the Netherlands and increasing the price of dairy products.

“I see milk in Germany becoming 10 cents more expensive for consumers. I see no reason why that will not be the case in Belgium as well,” says Renaat Debergh, secretary general of the Belgian Dairy Confederation.

“Ten cents on cheap milk that costs 44 cents a litre is an increase of 23 percent. On milk that costs 65 cents a litre it is an increase of 15 percent.”

The reason for raising prices is the rising prices for milk powder worldwide. The milk factories are therefore inclined to convert more of their production into milk powder.

This would result in a shortage of milk on the Belgian market.

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