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Poverty doubles in only four years

Published on 24/12/2014

Frederic Vanhauwaert of the Network Against Poverty warns that he expects poverty to increase further when the government's austerity measures kick in.

Network Against Poverty bases its claim on the two-fold increase in the number of requests for help made to affiliated organisations.

In 2011 Network Against Poverty organisations helped 5,600 people, while by this year the figure is believed to have surged to 11,000.

Poverty organisations note an increase in requests for help from middle class people too.

Frederic Vanhauwaert: “In addition to people living in poverty, middle class people too are requesting help. They are making requests with far less reluctance.”

“We expect savings by the federal and Flemish governments to lead to more people falling on hard times. We will have to reorganise our system to take account of this because more and more people are coming forward.”


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