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Postal strike looms

5 November 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian postal workers will hold a one day strike next Wednesday to protest about working conditions, union leaders said on Friday.

Jan Eyndels, secretary of Belgian civil service union SLFP, said that the strike would take place because talks had broken down between post office managers and workers’ representatives.

The unions want management to honour a pledge to introduce a 36 hour week for postal workers.

But post office managers say they cannot respect the promise without putting the country’s postal service in danger.

The employers have tried to compromise with the unions, notably by offering to give many workers with temporary contracts full time jobs.

But the unions say the managers have not made sufficient effort.

Belgium has been submerged by wave of industrial unrest in recent weeks.

Friday saw Brussels gripped by a third one-day public transport strike in as many weeks.

Hospital workers have also been protesting recently.

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