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Post office workers on trial over suicide

Published on 02/12/2003

2 December 2003

BRUSSELS – The trial of five post-office employees was due to begin Tuesday, with all accused of inciting the suicide of a young colleague in 2000 through harassment or failing to intervene during harassment.

David Van Gysel ended his life at the age of 21 on 16 October 2000 by throwing himself in front of a train after three months of stress-induced sick leave from his post office job.

According to those close to the victim, David’s death occurred as a direct result of repeated harassment in his workplace.

The charge of involuntary homicide will be answered by four employees of the Wezembeek-Oppem post office, as well as the centre’s manager.

Another employee of the same post office, Yannick Letellier, fired for stealing, will also give evidence, claiming he too was unjustly harassed by colleagues.

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